Painting Level Bronze

This level is intended for those that want an army that looks great on the table, but isn’t intended for picking up for close inspection.

Whilst being the most affordable, a good use of this standard would be for ‘horde’ type armies, where you have lots of models that are viewed en masse, eg Orks, Tyranids, Imperial guard, 15mm historicals.

The painting is neat, effective, but simple. This typically includes at least 3 basic colours a basic wash and single highlight. I do not use a dipping technique. 

Basing involving the use of stock plastic bases, usually the material supplied with the kits. Sand, putty, pastes, static grasses and painting transform these into solid but affordable basing in the clients chosen style. 


Painting Level Silver

This is the most commonly requested standard. Great for where you also want to be able to pick up miniatures and admire them closely, but where they are still intended for play, not just display.

This is ideal for a smaller elite style army for example space marines, necromunda gang, Flames of war tank platoon. 

Moving from Bronze to Silver, painting begins to include more highlighting, additional detail work, and washes become more targeted, with armour plates and the like raised in colour again afterwards. This may also include airbrush work, blending and weathering techniques.  

Basing again typically used stock plastic bases, sand, putty, pastes, static grasses and painting. If you require third party resin bases, I can source bases to whatever style you need, and paint them accordingly.


Painting Level Gold

This is for those who want good looking miniatures designed for their appearance.

These tend to require significant additional working time to accommodate the larger quantity of detail involved. 

Characters, vehicles and large monsters greatly benefit from this standard.

Significant increases in time allow for more detail, highlighting and colour gradients to be created where suitable. This may also include freehand, airbrush work, wet blending and advanced chipping and weathering techniques and object source lighting.  An effort is made to ensure all aspects of the model have something that catches the eye.

Basing at this level includes resin bases, or custom built display plinths.


Assembly, Magnetisation and Conversion Work

You can either build your own models for me to paint, or I can build them up from the supplied kits.

If you have special requirements such as magnetised weaponry, or a conversion, let me know when you request a quote and I will work with you to realise your ideas.

This may include basic sculpting work or 'Kit Bashing' with the use of plasticard. Great if you want to show a Nurgle infestation or make make dem super Orky vehikhulzz.

Want something like it done? Just ask!


Anything Else?

If there is anything not mentioned here that you’d like done for your project, just drop me a message via the contact page, and i will do my best to help!


To start any project, request a quote by contacting my contacts page and providing as many details as you can about your requirements number of each kind of unit, colour scheme, basing preferences etc. Please feel free to email me any supporting images that you would like us to take influence from.

You choose whether you want to send the miniatures to me, or have me buy them on your behalf.

You decide whether you wish me to assemble the miniatures, drill the barrel holes and clean all the mould lines or you send the miniatures already assembled to me. In that case I won’t remove any mould lines and start painting unless you wish differently.

Then you choose which of three painting levels I provide that suits you best. You can choose different levels for different units.

Once we are fully aware of what you would like, If and when you are happy to proceed we will then need a 50% deposit of the total quoted. This is to be paid upfront to secure your project into my diary. Please note that if you are purchasing models through the studio then these will need to be paid upfront and on top of your 50% deposit via PayPal.

You will receive a spec completion sheet outlining your quote and allowing you to include notes and information that will be passed to me prior to commencing your commission. Over the course of the completion period, you may request WIP photo updates of your commission, I will also post all commission photos on my Facebook page so it is easier to keep up to date on our social media platforms should you wish.

Once your commission has been completed you will received a set of photos showing the completed models along with a final Paypal invoice for the remaining 50% of the total payable. This final Paypal invoice is to be paid within 14 days of our completion email containing full HD images of your completed commission.

Once paid, your commission will then be posted to you via royal mail or your preferred postal service and you will be supplied with photo poof of postage and/or a tracking number and a link to where you can track your commission.

If you need any other information, images or examples of my work please do not hesitate in contacting me.