New Project: Flesh Eater Courts

"Hidden among the ruins of the Mortal Realms thrive the Flesh-eater Courts. Trapped in a horrific delusion, convinced that their cannibalistic feasts are splendid and grandiose visions of nobility, these courts of madness are each presided over by a malevolent and predatory Abhorrant Ghoul King. Beneath him, Mordants pick at decaying meat, snarling and spitting in guttural growls. Crypt Horrors and Haunters skulk in the shadows as deathless guardians, ready to claim entire corpses as their own."

It's time to get started on a new project, and for once I'm working on something for myself. After a trip to the local GW to restock some of my paints. I was challenged by the manager to try out the new Malign Portents Painting Competition.

For the first month of the competition, all I needed to do is pick up a Start Collecting! set and get it painted by the 10th of February. 

There’ll be two more months of the competition to follow, with the second simply adding the Grand Alliance’s Harbinger to my army by the 3rd of March. Then I will be able to choose from a list of units to round out the army for  the 31st of March.

After much deliberation and input from some of the regular ghouls at the store, I became swept up in the delusional grandeur of the Flesh-Eater Courts and picked myself up Starter Set and Battle Tome.

This gives me a great start to my collection of fantastic Flesh-eater Courts miniatures.   The Terrorgheist will serve as a fantastic centrepiece and I will be sure to spend my time well painting this one, the set also included three Crypt Horrors and set of ten Crypt Ghouls. 

I'm really looking forward to working on this project! I'll be back with an update once everything is built.