Ultramarine Primaris Intercessors Complete

“It is the 41st Millenium. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. The Emperor of Mankind wages a constant battle to protect humanity from the horrors of space. On the fringes of the Imperium, alien races lurk and plot, and chaos demons leak into our reality from the torment of the warp. All that stands in their way are the mighty Space Marines. They are more than mortal. They are steel, and they are doom. They are the champions of mankind. And the greatest of them all... are the Ultramarines.” (Quote from Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie)

For those of you that know me well I haven’t had my own Warhammer 40,000 army for some time, contempt in the fact that I paint enough for my customers, what would be the point in doing my own?

Little did I know that would all change when a college from work approached me and showed my a new magazine he had just subscribed to, Warhammer Conquest.

Conquest is a Weekly Magazine subscription in the UK where they send you 4 issues once a month. Each issue will include models, paint, hobby equipment and/or terrain.

The real beauty of this is once you have all the issues you will have 2 complete armies with all the rules and terrain to play it on.

Reasoning with myself that if I could split the cost with a friend, I could easily build and paint a full army of my own for a relatively low cost, with minimal time commitments.

So with a subscription in place and a friend willing to take the Death Guard side, I am set to make a start on the primarus marines.

Why Ultramarines? 
The Ultramarines, commonly know as “Ultrasmurfs” are a chapter of Space Marines, probably the most famous and well-known, which represent the standard upon which the other chapters are based.

Firstly, I love the bright blue scheme, and it really sets it apart from the typical drab grim dark I am usually asked to paint.

Secondly, you can field a Primarch, not just a primamarch but Guilliman himself!

Thirdly, I am fickle when it comes to collecting armies, and have a tendency to sell fully painted armies to fund my next projects, with the Ultramarines being one of the more popular lists, it would in theory make it easier to sell off in the long run.

Conquest Issue 1

The first issue include 3 easy build Intercessors.

They were painted in the iconic second company colours of blue and gold. Intercessors can be taken as a unit of 5 or 10 so I have elected not to include squad markings until I have enough to complete a full squad.

Conquest Issue 3 features 3 primarus reavers so keep checking back to see more progress on the Ultramarines.