Starcraft Board Game - Complete

“Arcturus Mengsk: They say a man never really knows himself until his freedom's been taken away. I wonder, how well do you know yourself? [a large door opens to reveal Tychus Findlay in shackles]
Computer: Prisoner, step forward onto the platform. Mengsk: Convict 626. Murderer. Pirate. Traitor. Today, you go free. But as you'll soon learn, even freedom has a price. [machines start to put on a combat Marine suit on Tychus] Computer: Combat suit sealed and locked. Mengsk: You'll carry your prison with you. That armor will be your new cell. Make no mistake. War is coming. With all its glory, and all its horror. Mr. Findlay, your freedom awaits... Hell, it's about time!”

Starcraft Board Game

This is now long out of print but considered legendary among gamers, It often sell for hundreds of £££s and that’s not even considering the expansions.

First off, you can’t look past its massive sise, just look at the sheer number of components ion the box.

It’s approximately twice as big as typical board game. And that’s just on the outside.

Inside, there are nearly 1,000 gorgeous components to this game.

Now getting to what matters here , In regards to miniatures, for a board game they are simply stunning FFG goodness. Six colors, two factions of each race, each containing several dozen pieces. The client also 3d printed some of his own terrain pieces to complete the look.

Similar to the pieces from the Godfather board game, there is very little fine surface detail for painting., This meant I had to pay particular attention on some of the smaller details.


I started out by giving all the models a long bath in warm soapy water, I did not want a repeat of the godfather when working on so many miniatures.

The models were painted with my usual method of airbrush primer followed by Reaper MSP paints.

If you want your starcraft board game painting or any other models please get in touch,