Interview with the Chatty DM from Critical Hits

You aren't as bad as you think you are, you aren't as good as you think you are. People show up week after week to play with YOU as the GM, it means a lot. Empower yourself with that. Yet, don't become complacent and overconfident of your GMing style. Always be ready to become a better GM by listening to and observing your players. Read GMing blogs and forums. Talk to others and try to make the next session a little bit more awesome by trying something you've never tried. Try making funny voices, try a non-linear game, ask your players to create the next scene... go wild. The GMing experience is limitless in it's application, spend your life perfecting this noble art. 

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15mm Orc Mob - Complete

"The great city-state of Brighthaven was built three centuries ago, during the last great age of enlightenment. Its purpose was to bring together all the races of the world in peace.

The Age of enlightenment has long since passed and the city, known now as BlightHaven, is but a shadow of its former greatness. The docks and marketplaces are still busy, but sudden brawls can break out at any time and crime is rampant. Parts of the city have been abandoned by the residents, given over completely to marauding gangs. The city militia attempt to keep order as best as they can, but what hope do poorly armed men have against mobs of Orcs, or worse…"

A friend of mine is starting up a new D&D campaign and has asked me to paint up some minis for him. These are from the Blight Haven range by Ral Partha and have been packaged together especially for RPG encounters.  

These were painted with a coat of Grey Vallejo primer, and complted  completed with a variety of Vallejo and Ammo by MIG paints.  

Hero Forge D&D Miniatures Complete

I was lucky enough to be sent 2 Hero Forge Gray Plastic miniatures which offer clearly superior material and printing process than what I have previously experienced with Ultra Detail. 

I began with washing them with warm soapy water and gently scrubbed with an old toothbrush. After letting them air dry a few hours, I painted them with a coat of Black Vallejo primer, which left me with a nice smooth surface to paint. They were then completed with a variety of Vallejo and Ammo by MIG paints.