Introducing Adam Paints painting classes! These lesson series will introduce the basic essentials of painting a figurine from start to finish, to airbrush basics and advanced brush techniques and weathering.

Basic Essentials:

1 on 1 or groups of up to 10 people

Whether you are painting to a basic level or to high display standard these fundamentals you will use on every miniature. And covers all the techniques you need to achieve the GW Heavy Metal style.

So on this course I plan to build your fundamentals to improve your overall painting ability Some, of the topics we cover are;

Equipment, basic brush techniques, paint thinning, colour theory, dry brushing, washes and basing techniques.

This class will create a solid foundation for attending our other events. This also includes a free Reaper bones Miniature for you to take home.

Advanced Techniques (Multiple Subjects):

1 on half day Classes

  • Advanced Blending

  • Advanced Basing and working with resin bases.

  • Airbrush Techniques

  • Non Metallic

  • Miniature Photography. DSLR and Mobile techniques.